“Enlisting a local RDMS would be a win-win scenario for Pregnancy Medical Clinics (PMCs) as it reduces the travel and expense costs connected with bringing another out of town RDMS on-site to provide the hands-on training and it helps to assure that the quality of sonography skills are kept up to date.

Pairing up the skills of the PMC RN with those of the local RDMS provides a very effective team in the PMC setting. Often, local RDMSs are not available to join the PMC team for direct patient care.  Now, Pulse – RDMS Track makes it possible for the PMC to utilize the medical skills of the local RDMS by having the local RDMS assist the RN sonographer, especially in the training stages. We are thrilled to announce Soundview Imaging, in partnership with NIFLA, has developed a comprehensive training package to address this need.

Mission of Pulse – RDMS Track
The purpose of Pulse is to provide comprehensive training for local RDMSs so that they can perform hands-on limited OB ultrasound instruction for the nurse sonographers serving at the PMC. This comprehensive training is compliant with standards set forth by JRCDMS, AWHONN, ACOG and AIUM.

The first step in this training is for the RDMS to either attend NIFLA’s Institute in Limited Obstetrical Ultrasound or participate in the live 3-hour webinar taught by NIFLA attorneys and Soundview Imaging RDMSs.

  • Now available ON DEMAND
  • Webcast consists of two videos outlining the legal and national guidelines for providing limited obstetrical sonography exams in your PMC.  Download related handouts.
  • RDMS obtains up to three CMEs
  • Go to nifla.org, select RDMS Webinar

The second step in this training is for the PMC to bring a Soundview Imaging RDMS onsite to perform a competency assessment on their nurse sonographers who have receive the hands-on training by the local RDMS. Then materials and skills assessments will be provided at the on-site hands-on training.”

  • Skills Assessment:
  • The initial skills assessment by Soundview Imaging Partners is a two day process comprised of scanning to demonstrate competency, case review/film critique, a written test, and addressing needs specific to your Center.  (cost $1200 plus expenses)
  • “Acquiring Competence” – Provides initial onsite skills assessment for new sonographers

    • Completed over two days
    • Assessment for competence follows hands on training under RDMS supervision by nurses in in your PMC
    • Medical professionals have completed a minimum of 50 supervised scans under supervision of RDMS and completed NIFLA course in limited OB sonography
    • Assessment is comprised of scanning to demonstrate competency in skills, case review/film critique, a written exam, and addressing needs specific to your clinic
    • Up to three people may participate in assessment
    • Cost is $1200 plus travel/lodging expenses
    • Continuing education contact hours will be provided for RNs

"I cannot thank you enough for coming!  Your willingness to come and reduce expense for our center will forever be remembered.  More importantly the knowledge that you have imparted has deepened mine!"  Marcia Ball, RN, in Madisonville, KY 

Pre Requisites

- - Completion of RDMS webinar (by local RDMS) through NIFLA.org
- Completion of NIFLA's Institute of Limited OB Ultrasound (by RNs)

- The RDMS can proceed with supervising hands-on training for the RN’s at the PMC.

- Nurses will need to perform approximately 50+ scans during the hands-on training supervised by the RDMS.  These scans        

   should include primarily first trimester and a minimum of 12 transvaginal.

- Instructional materials are provided by SoundView Imaging Partners (SVIP). 

- Cases may be submitted to SVIP for critique during this process.

- Following the hands-on training, an RDMS from SVIP comes on site to provide a skills assessment/competency test for 

   the nurses.

- The skills assessment would be performed by SVIP over two days.  The cost is $1200 plus travel expenses for up to 

   three nurses.